a simple prayer

I can't quite remember the saying, but you know when one thing happens it seems like a lot of other things happen all at the same time. I really wish I could remember that saying, hmm. Well, anyway it has been one of those weeks. People I love dearly are hurting. This makes my heart hurt. One had a dear friend die, another was diagnostic with cancer, and another is also sick and I am not sure how or if she even wants to be reached (this one hurts the most). The selfish part of me just wants to take my hubby and two kiddos and live hidden from the junk. Yes, I know it is better to help those in need and pray, but sometimes I just grow tired. Just sometimes. This would be my lovely hiding place...

Knowing that I am not really going to hide also has me thinking that others may be having a hard day, week, year whatever and are able to hide out here in blog land too. To this I would like to offer any prayer you may need. Send me an e-mail if this is something you may desire. Even if you are not sure about the whole God thing a little prayer never hurt anyone, right? Oh, and just for your information I am a pastor's wife. This does not mean my prayers are any more powerful, but it does mean I know the importance of keeping things between you and me (and of course God) only.

{images via Dwell}