Shopping Hiatus: 4 weeks down

My hubby and I do not really celebrate Valentine's day. Not that I don't love all that day holds, but the day and weeks prior get whirled up into a frenzy. My hubby writes and directs a dinner theater every year for the church. There will be three showings the 12th, 13th, and 14th. If you live in the area you should order tickets here. It's more for the city rather than just the church. We had just under a thousand attend last year. This year has been especially stressful for the hubby simply because he also has to keep the rest of his responsibilities at work going too. I can always tell when he's stressed when there is a pile of hair left on the pillow when he wakes in the morning. It's sad really. Anyway, what I am trying to get to is when hubby is away at work so much I normally like to shop. This hiatus has been good for me. It is helping me direct my feelings elsewhere which is always easier on the wallet, but if I were to buy a new outfit to wear to the dinner theater I would so choose this...

{image via Net a Porter}

{bracelet via J.Crew}

if I was going for a very sweet look. Although for longevity sake I would probably go with this instead...

{dress via J.Crew}

{Louboutin via Net a Porter}

Then again it would be for the valentine season so maybe something a little sassy would be fun...

{Image via InStyle}

Ha, yeah right! She does look gorgeous though. Oh, and I am well aware that I could not afford much on my list, but since I am just pretending I thought I would go all out.