Being the Flowergirl

The wedding could not have gone more flawlessly. Although the hours leading up to the wedding were an adventure to say the least...

No the bride did not get pulled over, nor is this officer about to strip down. While getting her hair done her car was part of a hit and run. Some guy collided into her car sending it into another making her car non drivable. The bride had a friend and the friend's 5mth old with her so while she got her finishing touches done the officer and I made room in my car to pile everyone in. Umm, not an easy task when you have two car seats and a mess of a car. After I dropped them off I had to head home to pick up Ellie since she was in the wedding. On the way I got a flat tire. Oh, yes you heard me right, a flat tire. My sweet husband came to my rescue.

The bride held it together beautifully. My Ellie and the bride are the best of friends. Ellie was such a trooper hanging with us all day while my husband and I took all the preliminary photos.

Oh, and if we happen to shoot your wedding and our daughter also happens to be in it then you will receive a lot of these shots. Her dress and headband are Crewcuts and shoes are Payless just in case you wanted to know.

Ellie's favorite part was the dancing. My lady is extremely shy so this came as a pleasant surprise as she got down.

Oh, and don't you worry we got plenty of the bride and groom too. My husband should post on his site sometime within the next week or so if you want to see more. The brides bridals are currently up and she is stunning.