Earthborn Pottery Rocks It

I have a favor to ask of you all. It will only take a minute and it would mean the world to me. Well, I recently found out good friends of ours business, Earthborn Pottery, made Forbes Boost Your Business Contest. Um, how cool is that, top 5, hello? Not only are they friends, but it's a family run business here in our little town where we call home. I think winning could be huge for their family and great for our town. Let's just say where we live is up and coming. Most people can't believe that we are actually going to send our kids to the public schools starting next year. Kindergarten, yikes. I really believe in this town with it's folk festival, massive public playground, and town center that one day will be great. It used to bumping back in it's day until they built the interstate and a detour began forcing people and businesses out. I really do believe it could be great again. Anyway, back to the pottery. Here are a few of the pieces...

Unique and beautiful. They truly are pieces of art for your table. So needless to say it would be huge if they won. I am so proud to say I know this family and have seen their work first hand. They are the type of people to give and give and ask nothing in return. Well, I think it's their turn... please vote.

Oh, and Tena you so rocked the video! I think I would have thrown up in front of that panel of judges.

{images via the fabulous Amanda Pair, thanks again for letting me use them}