A Floor to Remember

While being the great real estate stalker I am, I came across this home and immediately recognized the floors.

They are the same floors from a past Cottage Living issue, March 2007 to be exact. This home office was a feature transformation of once editor Jessica Thuston's. Oh yes, I must really love you all to go back through my past issues just to find a date. Let me just say that's a lot of page flipping.

It seems the office is now a nursery. Not sure if she is still the current home owner, but it was still a treat to get a glimpse into this lovely home...

I then remembered this image from the Newlywed Diaries....

Looks like this could be the same dining room only staged for the magazine. What do you think? If so then I just might add that my home is open to staging for any magazine to use, just saying.

*Sorry for the small picture size, but they were too good not to share. That's what I get for ripping them off a real estate site. Blogger won't let me re-size them, boo. This also leads me to say, if any real estate agents would like to send me actual pics of fabulous homes that you know I would love then I will gladly accept them. It makes for a better post.