Living With Intention

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This may be ironic considering my last post, but this month I am taking the time to be intentional on how I actually use Instagram. I no longer want it to be a place where I mindlessly scroll, but a place to engage with you all. That is the point of it anyhow, right? Somewhere along the line it became just a place to see pretty pictures and move on. It wasn’t doing my mental health any favors. I am hoping that being intentional with the app will help bring me back to a place of connectivity with people and not just the images. My first action in order to hopefully have a healthy relationship with Instagram again is to take the rest of this month and take every week day to post something that I am thankful for. What I hope most of all is that it will give us a place to really connect. I need faces and not just numbers folks. I hope you join me in this journey by tagging your posts with #livingwithintention2019. If your account is private and want it to remain that way then DM or email me your post so I can see! I would love to “meet” you all and hear what makes you grateful.

Two simple goals on how I am going to try to keep instagram a healthy place for me ~

  • Weekly batch post via my tailwind app. This I hope will keep me from becoming overwhelmed when I hit the mode of my brain is tired and “I have nothing to say”. My stories will remain more spur of the moment.

  • I am going to work into my schedule 20 to 30 minutes of time to actually engage on Instagram. My goal is to hopefully alleviate mindless scrolling and actually build on community.