A Pre-Teen Boys Room

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Two and a half years after moving in we have finally done little Kellen's room. Is it styled to perfection, no. Is it perfect for him, yes! He has the biggest room in the house and we have struggled with finding a solution that worked for him. Finally once he nailed down that he wanted a hang space in the bonus area then we got to designing. It went through many stages including a lego city that covered every square inch, an office area, and simply a mess keeper. Most of the items we have had for years, but a few new touches is all it took to bring it all together. The gallery wall has room to grow and his new metal board is perfect place to display all his art. We bought the cat tail magnets in Boston and he was thrilled. They fit his humor and his love for cats. The hang space is comfortable not only for he and his friends, but even I find the new bean bags comfortable. The price was spot on too. I've even seen sister hanging in here with him which we all know is a win. The flor rug tiles cover enough of the cork floor to help even out all the wood tones that overpowered the space. The simple pattern adds interest without being too busy. The shelves have enough going on as is. We DIY'ed the bed using plywood, fabric and this bed frame. He can't wait to show all his friends his new "teen" room so I think we did well. 

get the look:

bean bags, duvet in slate {softest linen and great quality. Like it more than my RH one}, dresser, desk, desk chair, rug {in slate and gray}, roman shades, blue side table, ship kite, bedside table, bedside lamp, metal display board, cat tail magnets, be a nice human print, tall lamp {old kate spade for west elm}