Another Not So Exciting Project Done...

I am quickly learning during this renovation process some things aren't the funnest to do or even make the most impact. This is one of those projects. The highlight though is that it does check another thing off my mile long list and it was free. This house had decades worth of tv and telephone wires hanging on the back of the house. They were contained in plastic tubing but it was deteriorating and we simply did not need them. 



My sweet papa has been helping us with projects here and there. He truly was the force behind getting us in the house in time from the very beginning. He came earlier this week to fix a leaky spout that was outside and then we decided to tackle all the hanging wires. Between the back of the house and the basement we pulled two industrial sized garbage bags full of no longer in use wires. I honestly got a kick out of chasing down wires to see what was good or not. I swear I would have made quite the contractor in another life.


So much better right? Such a simple thing to make the house look clean and less scary. Still on my to do list is to pull all the current plants in the around the house planters and add rosemary. I can only imagine what our back yard will smell like then! I am also thinking a tin roof would give me all the heart emojis. I am so trying to remember this is a long term project and can't all be done in a day or year for that matter. Baby steps.

string lights can be found here. We went with the black wire.