Sweater Perfect

Aging. It happens to everyone and at 36 I am slowly, but surely seeing signs of it. Some absolutely refuse to admit that aging will occur, but I am welcoming it with open arms. The lines on my face that are developing are ones that represent a life lived with ups and downs. Just recently I noticed my eyelids getting softer and looser as I applied makeup, but I also saw laugh lines that represent years of joy. My hand veins are popping more as KJ likes to point out. I am also noticing the lines between my eyes growing deeper from years of squinting in the sun and maybe concentrating a bit too hard. I now try to be conscious of when I am furrowing my brows and never leave home without sunnies. No one wants to look permanently grumpy. Ellie is starting to wear my clothes more and more and I although I love it I also wonder if she is dressing older or am I dressing too young. This past week as I walked into Abercrombie and Fitch for the first time since high school I knew I aged out, but it did not stop me from finding the very piece I went in there for. The lights were so dim I could barely see and the music I found to be a tad too loud. The kids working there gave me "may I help you ma'am" and my only thoughts were how absolutely adorable they were. Alas none of that stopped me from finding the sweater I saw on a much younger generation that I knew would become a staple in my small rotation of clothes. So here is me sans makeup sharing the most perfect sweater fit for any age. It hangs just right, I sized up to a medium from my usual small. It's warm, but not so warm it can't handle a hot flash or two. It's soft enough to wear as I throw it over my pj's for carpool and can then be worn to client meetings or on a date with the Mr. I loved it so much I even bought it in green. 

* I have been reading Cameron Diaz book longevity and the insights it has on aging. It's a great resource for those who inch towards 40 and beyond. 

SOURCES: sweater | PJ shorts old {similar} | jeans this line by Paige bought mine years ago {this is a great similar deal though!} | heels are old coach ginny found at nordstrom rack a few seasons back {similar high, medium, low}  | most comfy new boots 

{photos by Ellie age 11}