Here and There

Had a rough week with the whole fam getting the flu...again. This song is on repeat today. Grateful for a new week.

Ordered this book to read while we are in Disney next week. I already purged this house to no end, but I think I'm happiest the more minimal I am. Have you read it?

Bought the above dress this weekend. I am sure it won't leave my body. Here it is worn as a top too. I'm obsessed. I also wanted these pants, but the Mr drew the line. These are kind of AMAZING too! Happy I did not see them in store. He said I needed a bump to sport them. Boo. Through today you can get it 40% off with the code WINTER.

I have been diffusing and slathering us all in my favorite oils. Been doing them for a couple of years now. They seemed to have become quite a lifestyle choice for so many lately.

Been trying to stay hydrated since last go round I got so dehydrated my tongue turned white. Gross I know. This bottle is my favorite for water and this one for my morning coffee which I know does not aid in my hydration, but sure does help with my mood.

My favorite shop is having free shipping on everything for the next 2 days! Oh my. Use code FORYOU.