Fall 2015 Memory Makers

There is a time in life when items become more than just things. They become memories for a certain period of time. I know in just a few short years we will be donating, tossing, and hiding away many of things that serve as place holders for who they are today. Ellie who is 10 and is trying to figure out the balance between little girl doll playing and big girl hipness. Who secretly still loves Curious George like her mama, but would never admit the truth to her friends. Who is learning that she can't be the best at everything and is trying to figure out the emotions that tag along with that. KJ who is 8 and now likes to go by his given name Kellen. Who is learning that friends can be nice one second and the next not so much. Who still will hold his mama's hand in public, but kisses may be too much. These are things that will forever remind me of now and who they are today.

ELLIE: Junie B Jones is currently her reading book of choice. She will tell me stories of this Junie B as if they are the best of friends. Her enthusiasm pretty much makes me melt. After school on nice days the kiddos come in for brief snacks and quickly run out the door to play with friends. Ellie saved all her money and bought a pink Razor scooter. It was her first big purchase of her very own and she thought long and hard about it. This little scooter has been up and down our streets with giggles all around. Chocolate... oh my she is in love. I can virtually get her to do any chore without complaint if chocolate is an offering piece. This watch is cheap as can be, but she wanted one and I wanted to be sure she would keep up with one before investing. She wears it every day with rows and rows of rope and rainbow loom bracelets. She has earned my trust and I think a nice watch will be in her stocking this year.

KJ: His red scooter was a birthday gift and one of the best investments ever. It is used almost daily and now with Ellie having one it can make brother and sister time extra fun. Well fun and dangerous, let me be honest here. A journal is never too far away. He has many and he writes everything from secret spy maneuvers to football plays. This is the first year he has been able to write without too much of a struggle and it quickly became his favorite thing to do. Mechanical pencils apparently write better than anything else possibly could. It makes writing more enjoyable and most importantly neat. Trust me as I learned all this while the kiddos had a full out bicker war on who could use the last one for homework. KJ won and I have ordered more. Baseball hats are a constant in this house. The only thing that can make an ordinary baseball hat better is if it's an Auburn Tiger one. His two loves combined. Pure bliss I tell you.