I Tried...

What's a post without a pretty picture? This is from our Colorado trip this summer. Sweet memories.

What's a post without a pretty picture? This is from our Colorado trip this summer. Sweet memories.

After my weekend of energy, well at least more energy than I had had in over a month, came crashing to a halt Monday night. Tuesday I started a more aggressive round of antibiotics, more shots and such in hopes to shake this thing I can not shake. The last diagnosis was pneumonia and I think the new Dr is piggy backing off of that, but my throat is screaming a new song and gets so much louder at night. Ugh, enough about that. This does mean though that the pictures of the new office and bedroom switch may not happen this week, but we shall see. For now here are some favorites from bloggers who actually blog... HA

- I blame and thank Trina all at once for making "me quit my day" and it be okay. Yesterday blogging did not happen, errands did not happen, the house was a mess and dinner not done, but I did have some of the sweetest times with Jesus and well who can replace that.

- This book, Made to Crave, has knocked my socks off. It has to do with food and addiction which isn't my thing you can say, well at least not in a typical sense since most of it makes me sick, but it spoke to me in new ways. Insert any sort of addiction, silly or not, and BAM. Socks off. I am pretty sure I have read more books in this past month than last year combined.

- Emily just shared Joy's new nursery/office and it's ever so perfect. It also made me think my new office/closet is a okay. I love how she always spills all the details. Like why she did short curtains. It's something that I was thinking for our bedroom, but just wasn't sure from a design stand point and now I'm thinking if it's functional for the space then why not? Yeah Emily, way to expand my mind!

- She also used this lamp and I love the look so I am going to try it out I think. It's also a fraction of the West Elm one that I was smitten with so it's most definitely worth a try in my book. It's clean lined and the wattage is rather high which would be perfect for this space which has no overhead lighting currently. We shall see.

- So far my hour I gave myself to say hello just turned into 1.5 and a fly is driving me nuts and my dog is licking like mad, and my head is starting to pound so I am calling it quits again.

- Don't forget to enter the giveaway! I will announce the winner on Friday, but may try to pop in once more tomorrow.