Here and There {Colorado}

While we were in Colorado we spent much of our time with family we never get to see, but we still wanted to be sure to explore the sites that Colorado has to offer and I must say Colorado sure does have a lot! We drove up Pikes Peak one morning and it was stunning. We actually got to touch snow in June. The kiddos got to climb a bit, but we were most definitely not packed for the frigid weather of the mountains.

On another morning we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is literally a zoo built into the side of a mountain. It really was incredible. The nice weather also had all the animals out and about which was such a treat for the kiddos. They also have a ski lift that quickly became a highlight of the trip.

After spending much of the week in Colorado Springs with family we ventured off to the Denver area. Kellen had the most fun idea of surprising KJ with a baseball game. He was beyond giddy. We got fabulous seats and stayed to the very end even though it was ridiculously late. KJ had high hopes that the Rockies would come back for a win, but alas it was not their day.

sidenote: When did my babies get to looking so old???