Our New House {the kids space before}

Let's just say at first the kiddos were not all that excited about their new rooms. They found them to be creepy to put it mildly. After much discussion on how we will make the upstairs ever so fun and fabulous they finally hit the excited stage.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (14 of 6).jpg

As I write the walls are being repaired and painted. This is KJ's room and he wanted a gray, but we choose a much lighter one. His old light will more than likely go in here, I would share it, but apparently it is MIA on this ole blog of mine. The fixture is brass and milkglass though. We will also get new window coverings. He requested red bedding to go with his red ikea bookcase so of course he will get it! A rug may be in order too. These are ultra fabulous!

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (13 of 6).jpg

This is the cute little hall way that leads to his room. It will be white and bright too. I am sure I will add some art. Out this window it looks like you are in the tree tops. I think this space will lend itself to much adventure.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (12 of 6).jpg

This is Ellie's room and it will be white. Imagine that. She will keep her current bed, but wants it painted mint green to match this bookcase which is also on our buy list. She will keep her current bedding, because it is way too pretty to part with. I'm also thinking gold tassels and anything else deemed girly. She is into some sparkle that's for sure. Oh, and of course new window treatments and lighting are a must. She will also be getting our cream rug that is currently in our master to keep it all light and airy. Then again this one would be really fun!

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (11 of 6).jpg

The bath is also receiving a deep scrub. The cabinet will be taken out. The extra storage is nice, but it really makes this room look even smaller. With the kiddos still being so young a think a few shelves will be enough. I was thinking a wallpaper would be fun in here, but there is no vent so I am thinking it will ruin quickly. For now it's going white and and I will add a bright curtain. Currently it's between this one and this one although Target may come out with a win. This fixture that I got for a steal in store, maybe $30.00 if that, will be put to use and I may need to get a new mirror. This one was written on with a sharpie and I have been able to get it off.

*UPDATE bought a new mirror! The one I was eyeing from anthropolgie went on crazy sale. YAY!