Here and There

Camera phones really were the best invention. I love being able to catch moments and being able share them, look back over them constantly, and simply knowing that they are there is quite fun. Here is our last week in a nut shell. The Mr and I went on a staff retreat that I was honestly not too eager to go on. It was during the week and well every mama knows how much prep it takes to leave the little's behind. In the end it was the best thing ever!!!! Time of worship, time with the Mr, and time to take a deep breath was apparently exactly what I needed.

left to right:

smitten with these dishes and platters

Music in the Park with Act of Congress was quite a blast

Our baby birds are growing up

wedding season is back in full swing!

our new hammock swings are a win. I bought mine here, but these just may be the same ones!

Odette in Florence is so delicious we went twice on the retreat

the Mr and I loving our couple days away

our strawberries are ready!

I bought a romper and I like it. HA. I found mine at our local Nordstrom Rack, but this one looks similar.