Fabric Necklace Making

Last week was our spring break. It was pretty low key since Ellie had 3 teeth pulled on that Monday. She faired brilliantly, but I had great fear of her getting dry socket so we played it safe with movie watching, board games, and a craft or two. I have been wanting to make the fabric necklaces that I saw in a Martha Stewart magazine forever ago and well we finally did it. I no longer had the directions so we pretty much winged it.

Ellie and I raided my stash of fabrics and picked our favorites.

We then cut them into wide strips. I was not precise in any way.

We then wrapped the fabric around wooden balls and knotted at each end of the ball to keep it tight. Ellie used 3 balls in her's while I used 2 in mine.

At that point we knew it needed something extra so we took the ends cut them into 3 equal-ish strips and she braided away. We knotted both ends together so it could just slip over her head.

She was so proud of the end result and we are eager to make some for gifts! I recommend using lighter weight fabric. The fabric I used was rather stiff and made it hard to handle. Next we plan on trying a jersey fabric. Maybe even cut up a t-shirt to test it out first. 

Hence why lighter weight fabric may be best for a necklace. It never did lay right. I then tried it as a bracelet and I rather liked the look.

Is she just not the sweetest? Love her.

*wooden balls