A Clean Look


I am tired of having so much "stuff". I have been dreaming of getting rid of all the extra and only keeping what I feel is stunning or practical. In other words only having my favorites around. Granted this also stresses me out, because then I will see home much money I have wasted over the years. I think the garage would be our biggest tackle. It's all the things I was saving for our next house, which may not actually happen, or decorating clients that I no longer take on. I would love to have only three large cabinets for party supplies that I use over and over, tools, gardening supplies, and things I buy in bulk like paper towels, plus our bikes and that be it. Actually get it to the point where the two car garage can fit two cars. Our bedroom would be the next tackle. It also houses our office and the amount of "stuff" stresses both the Mr and I out. Unfortunately in our petite house we have no other place for even a desk. My goal is to get rid of all things not deemed necessary to run our photography business or our home. I am hoping my current shelves will then be able to hold everything necessary and add cabinet doors to hide it making for a clean look. Have you seen Panyl's that you can add to the standard ikea door fronts? I would love a rich wood grain look for added texture. I would add an oversized family photo plus some leaning art removing my inspiration board that I rarely change, besides the messiness of it drives the Mr bonkers. Then I would put my overflowing amount of design books, which are completely necessary since I got rid of all my magazines,  stacked on top. We also dream of adding hardwoods to this space mostly because it would help with my allergies. I am really liking Jenny's DIY and think it could add the character I like for so little money. In a dream world I would add a fun chandelier instead of our fan, but I must say the fan is somewhat of an addiction.

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