Christmas Around the House {part I}


Christmas decorating has been so much fun this year. Well, it is every year, but this year everything feels so new in this house. It has been a bit tricky since this house comes with a lot less surface space than our last, but all my favorites found a spot. My tree collection, added these this year, have been dispersed throughout rather than gathered in all one spot and I rather like it. Our nativity that I thought we lost was found in the move and KJ had the honor of setting it up this year. Our tree that we just bought last year almost didn't fit, but the Mr bent the top down and we added some fluff and now she stands tall and proud. I wanted to make a wreath like the new Martha Stewart magazine cover for over the mantel, but I think that will have to wait till next year. The World Market gingerbread sets are always a hit and these have already been munched on. The last piece on my list is to get a tree skirt. Ours in MIA. I'm not 100% sold on anything and honestly not having a tree skirt is not the end of the world so this may be another if I find it great, but it not there's always next year kind of things.

tree skirts and throws that I have been eying...