Thought I would take a little break from our road trip since I finally found my God given "word" for the year that I mentioned seeking for in last weeks post. It's FOCUS. Last year was one crazy and wonderful year, but it often left me exhausted. I missed out on a lot of things that I would label as a value, such as friends. I have wonderful ones and some of them were having a hard year and I found out often times after the fact, because they didn't want to so call burden me with all I had on my plate. Umm, how and when did I get to that place??? If I were to list all the important things in life I would say God, family, friends, and home are at the very top. It became skewed last year as I tried to do it all. Not that they became any last valuable, but after doing a bunch of little and not so little projects, jobs, businesses, etc they became the things that I had to "fit in" to my daily life. I treaded water a lot last year. This year I am to FOCUS on what is important to keep me sane and in the now to the things that I really hold valuable. This also means I had to make some hard decisions. Things had to go. First thing is that the Mr and I are cutting back on weddings in a big way. We are only going to do less than half of what we did last year. Our aim is around only 12 at the most if that. This will help us actually FOCUS more on the said wedding for that month and still leave us time for family on the weekends. Plus that also means I can complete a rebrand that I started a year ago, but lost focus on. Ballet, baseball, horseback riding, and the like we are ready for you! Another aspect that had to go were my decorating services. I had no confirmed projects on my plate so this was the time. This may not be a forever thing, but when faced with the decision on keeping the blog or doing interiors I choose blogging. It was my first love and where I feel most inspired. Plus I have made so many lasting relationships through it. This also means that I do have to make a little money from it and you can read more about that here, but this also means I have more time to really FOCUS in on it and I can't wait to share! In all I am going to FOCUS more on building memories with my little family, actually spend absurd amounts of times with my friends, caring for my home will hopefully become a joy to me again, and I hope I won't loose FOCUS on getting fit this year too. Remember my go at running? Huge fail, but maybe with time to actually FOCUS it will happen. I even have a running group to spur me on. I hope to be able to FOCUS on me projects such as getting back to my love of art, gardening, sewing, photography and what ever else my heart fancies. All in all this is the year of finding my FOCUS.

*images by Molly Jacques