4 Things {good buys}

Nothing like a mid morning post to start my day. It was going to be my first thing to do, but then I got in the answering email mode and well it took me hours. Boo. Another thing I checked off my list was to unsubscribe from a ridiculous amount of email shops, newsletters, etc. Since we are in money saving mode I have made a good habit of deleting them as soon as they appear, but after a while it gets a bit annoying. One shop I did not unsubcribe from was Everlane. I own quite a few of thier tee's and am in love. They have yet to fall apart with many wears and are as soft as can be. They also don't hug which is something I like to avoid. They just released a new sandal that I am trying my hardest not to buy, but I do love the way they look. Not like I need another tote, but this one is on my radar too. I really am in LOVE with this shop. It's casual, classic and hard wearing just like me.