Baby Steps

I am working on this condo for a newlywed couple. It's a rental while her Mr finishes up medical school for the next two years. Being their first home together I am trying to blend both their styles into one. He is very masculine and she is highly feminine. She would rather not have ducks on the wall and he would like to keep the florals at bay. They are also trying to move away from the college apartment look and into something a bit more sophisticated. It has been a fun process needless to say. The main theme they both have a passion for is art! We had plenty to make a gallery wall which completely transformed the mirror wall in the dining area. This image is a "during" shot. I will finish it up tomorrow hopefully. The only other space I had time to work on was the bar area. They already owned all the stem ware so my job was to simply make it look good. The Mr. and I aren't drinkers, but I have ALWAYS wanted to work on a bar area. Dreams do come true. Ha. Oh how I wish I could change out that faucet to something like this!