Oh the Drama

KJ made it through having the flu alive although I am not sure how since I now feel like I just may die. It's the worse. Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. KJ had his first day of wanting to rise and I had yet to be sick. I think the country air at my parents home had something to do with it. On Saturday we watched the Iron Bowl and can I tell you how hard it was to do when every bone feels like it may break and your lungs feel like they are crushing. So tense, but the outcome could not have been any better for this household. Oh, and the Mr said I can tend to be dramatic when when I am sick, but I call it being accurate. Ha. On Sunday the kids took full control of decorating our home for Christmas. It was so fun seeing them run around and think out every detail. I am one proud momma to say the least.

Anyhow, just though I would give you all a little update since it's been a week since I last blogged. Also I am having my yearly Minted giveaway tomorrow! It's going to be a good one so be sure to check back!!!