A Room Revision

Since redoing our sunroom and converting it into a tv room a couple of years ago it quickly has become one of our favorite spots in the house. The kids play in there, it's my favorite spot to relax and read magazines, and of course it is where all our tv watching goes down. The main reason we moved the tv into a smaller room is because we barely watched it and when we did it was just for family viewing. Well, it seems we are tv people when it comes down to it. Ha. The Mr has even started to invite friends over for game/tv watching and you can only fit so many grown men on a seven foot sofa. We bring in surrounding chairs, but I thought it would be nice to have some already in there. I came across these and feel like the black and wood legs will blend seamlessly into the room which will help it from feeling crowded. Their smaller footprint will still leave room to move around and I hear they are rather comfortable. When found this great deal I couldn't pass them by so currently I am waiting for them to come in. They will sit on either side of the fiddle fig tree where the current kids chairs are. My other thoughts for the room are rather simple. I plan to lean a piece of art on the right side layering it over the horse print a bit. It will still leave room for the mess of Lego's we have up there, but will help balance out the lamp that is on the left. We are in need of an extra spot to put drinks and such and this little table caught my eye especially since it is a rather good price. I am hoping these simple changes will help make the room even more functional. Here's hoping!