Leaf and Petal {a local stop}

Yesterday I went to the annual Antiques at the Garden event that is held here in town. It headlines some of the top designers, shops, and architects. Last year I may have embarrassingly fond over Bill Ingram, but this year I am proud to say I was much more put together. HA. I had the pleasure to meet Betsy Brown, Adam Brown, my real life friend Dana Wolter, and many more. I was preparing a small tour of the show, but then decided to hold off till next week just in case some of you had yet to go. I didn't want to spoil a thing. It's definitely a highlight for me. Instead I thought I would share a few things that caught my eye at Leaf & Petal. A favorite shop of mine at the Botanical Gardens.

I love everything about this set up, but am taking into serious consideration on buying a couple of these chairs. I think they would make great extra seating which we always seem to need.

The golden pears in a wooden bowl make for quite an arrangment. I have the bowl so maybe a few pears would be a good addition for fall. They were well priced at $3.99.

Monday I will post on the show! It was so good.