A New Week

Last week I got contacted by a local magazine asking if they could use my home for a shoot. It is with the same photographer that I worked with on this feature. Of course I said YES!!! How fun would that be. Well, super fun until I looked around and realized my way of cleaning lately has been throwing things in piles and baskets. Ha. Needless to say I have been doing my yearly purge a bit earlier than normal and it feels so good! As for the office area it has no hope, way too many projects going on and not enough places to hide things.

My inspiration board is overflowing, but my new favorite addition are the hanging elephants from World Market. Ellie has some hanging in her room too. Are they not the cutest?

I FINALLY went through my magazines. I have some I keep that I like to flip through later if it happens to be really good, but on the most part I really don't need to keep them all. Here is one pile out of many that is heading to the recycling plant. I am now embarrassed.

After many years of being caffeine free I came to realize a cup or two of coffee makes me quite a happy lady in the morning. It has made getting up earlier enjoyable. I try to skip a day or two so it doesn't become a headache inducing habit. I also know that although I may express how hard it is for me to see my children getting older, I have found a perk! Ellie loves making my coffee and has a thing for mopping. Yay me!!!

Every once in awhile I like to light the fireplace and eat by it when its cold out. I can not tell you how much the mini Bertoia chairs have come in handy. At first I wanted to get them a table of their own, but I soon realized they are the perfect height for our coffee tables. It really is brilliant when we have a lot of people over and no more space at the big table.

The next two days will be spent cleaning away. The mag people come on Wednesday. I also have come quite along on my laundry room make over! I am so excited about it and am no longer shamed if the door is accidently left open when folks pop by. Will share in the next few days!!! Nothing like getting all projects on the to-do list done in one week. Ha.