Painted Floors

Yesterday I came across Jessica Thuston's kitchen in a Southern Living email. She is one that I have posted MANY times before. I was absolutely smitten instantly. The whole thing is good, really good, but the floors is what grabbed my attention first. She simply painted out the hardwoods into a sort of rug with painters tape. What a statement it makes for very little cost. I am sure it will only gets better with age as it wears with use.

Of course, as it usually goes, this little e-mail sent me down a winding path to find more painted floors. These are a few that jumped out at me...

Looks like most of these would be easy to accomplish with painters tape or a good stencil. Would you dare to do such a thing? I personally would love to, but since this is not our "forever" house I would not attempt it. Wonder if I could do this over the linoleum in the laundry room though instead of a rug. Now that would be something that I wouldn't mind trying!


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