As of Late {inspired images}

For those of you who don't instagram with me these are a few things that have inspired me as of late...

If you recall we had a beautiful design drawn up for our yard out back, unfortunately due to budget constraints it's just not a smart move for us right now. There are a couple of things that I do hope to accomplish and that I have been slowly saving up for. First on my list is to add pavers among our gravel and remove part of the garden in that one area. It has become weedy and out of control. It really looks awful. I think something just like this would help make it look uniform and give the Mr. a great area to grill in.

Jennifer Morrison's house was in the February issue of InStyle. I instantly fell head over heels for it. The kitchen I am absolutly fawning over. Can't get it out of my mind really.

This is Fishy Fish. He was KJ's one Christmas wish. I thought I wouldn't be a fish kind of person, but I must say I have enjoyed having him around. At times I find myself just sitting there watching him. The Mr thinks I am crazy. Ha! The bowl is by umbra and I couldn't be any more happy with it. You can also buy multiplies and they can stack. He sits in our kitchen and it adds a modern element that I love.

This was my first book of the year to read. We choose it for our book club, which I adore by the way. We read a book a month then meet for dinner at various places around town and discuss. Such a fun night that I eagerly look forward to. I read The Great Gatsby in High School and we won't even discuss how long ago that was. It was quick, easy, and a great read. I can't wait for the movie!