Rug DIY {weaving two together}

Forever ago a few of you asked how I stitched my two World Market jute rugs together. I being the bad blogger is just now getting around to sharing, for that I apologize. Here is the before...


I bought two 6x9 rugs for my oddly shaped room. Custom would have been too expensive as you all know I live on a debt free budget. I highlighted the JUTE TWINE I used in red so you can see the steps easier. To begin wrap the twine in and out of the both rugs at a thick point then knot. The spacing (holes) in this jute rug makes it easy to push through with your fingers.


Be sure to pull tight as you go to keep the two rugs tight together for a clean finish.


You simply go down through one space in the rug and up through the opposing rug over and over.


As you can see I tried to keep the spacing as even as possible.


This is the finished product! The twine I used blends easily into the jute so no one is the wiser. Both Jenny and Bryn did posts on using colored twine to stitch two rugs together. This would also be such a fun look!


Let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions!!!!