The Summer's End

I thought instead of diving on into new posts I would share a touch of our summer vacation. If was phenomenal to say the least...

We had a short trip to Mobile for a shoot and we ended up making it a family outing and it was amazing how a weekend away can melt so much stress away. We also got to see the actual TIV. Yes, we may be Storm Chaser nerds. I kind of took the summer off from cooking. The Mr. took over and well, I am sure he is ready for me to be back in charge. He just happens to cook better than I. Ha. I swung by a tent sale hosted by Lindsey Bierman, editor of Southern Living, I said hello and admired his shoes. The sale was fabulous, but mostly sold out by the time I made it over. I so wanted the teak chairs. They were stunning, but had no business spending $800 on chairs we do not need. Ellie also decided babysitting is so much fun.

I bought an antique cabinet for the dining room. It was the exact dimensions I was looking for. It has since gone through a bit of a makeover and I will share soon. KJ lost his first tooth and I was not there to witness it. He and Ellie spent the night with a friend. boo. I took a calligraphy class and I had a blast, but it is not as easy as I once expected. After years of being caffeine free I have become a coffee lover to say the least. Have you heard of Homemint? I am sure you have, but I must say I am obsessed. I adore everything I have purchased especially the striped mugs.

We went ice skating. It was a first in MANY years for the Mr and I and the first time ever for Ellie and KJ. I forgot how much I loved it. KJ was a natural and poor little Ellie struggled and landed on her behind more than anyone I have ever seen. She is ready to go back though. Justin's Almond Butter has been a long time favorite of mine, but we recently just tried the Chocolate Hazelnut butter and it is AMAZING!!! Right before school started we went to the lake for a couple a days. It was so peaceful and gave me the undivided family time I needed. We canoed for hours and my arms screamed afterwards. First day of school fell on my birthday. I cried, went out to brunch with girlfriends, and drowned out my sorrow among fabric swatches. The Mr surprised me with birthday decorating while I was out. He knows me well and this made my day!!!  My sister who just returned from Europe bought me a wax stamp for envelopes. I am sure there is a proper name, but for now it escapes me. I adore it to say the least. Finally Ellie took etiquette classes over the summer and she had a blast. If you are a  local and want more info I will send it along.

*Please excuse the jumble of a post. That's a lot of time to fit into one little post. Ha.

UPDATE: The etiquette class now has a website!!! you can find it here and possibly see a friendly face.