Without going into too much detail, since July of last year I haven't felt well and I have been in constant pain in my lung/stomach area. This is in no means to throw myself a pity party, but just so you know where I am coming from. I have been on a good rotations of medications and have seen a variety of dr's to try to figure out what is causing the problem. Lo and behold I finally was sent to see an allergist and I believe they will be an answer to prayer. It has only been a few days since I began a new round of medications, but I do feel a slight change. I am hoping it really does continue to improve. To be honest I am just tired and have been growing weary. Some days are better than others, but either way daily tasks are just harder than they should be. Oh, and my skin has been just awful. Zit city really. All this to say I am cleansing once again. I did it about a year ago and that is when I stopped eating gluten for good and it was and still does make the world of difference. This time around I am just doing a three day juice cleanse. I am following tips from lacylike. She set out an easy plan and I bought a GE juicer from Walmart, but this one looks very similar for the same price. I began yesterday and am LOVING it so far. I may make this little cleanse a monthly endeavor or possibly this 3 day cleanse may turn intol a five dayer. I will also be trying out a few of Lisa's juicing tips and recipes. Do you cleanse or juice? Would love to hear your tidbits!