Looking into the Process {my home}

I know I have mentioned doing a bit of a redesign on our home since we decided not to move. I have been rearranging, bought a few new pieces that I am eagerly waiting to arrive, and have been organizing and simplifying in the process. Keep in mind these are just SNEAK PEEKS into the process and are not complete.

On the left is our sunroom which was what I used as our dining room. It now will function as a cozy movie room. The TV will be moved to the credenza and the drawers will be filled with the kiddos art and craft supplies and toys will be stored below. I am waiting on a new sofa that is a deep gray linen that will blend into the walls. The horse photo that my husband took is being blown up and framed and will hang over the sofa. Also I want to add a black linen shade to that lamp. Still deciding on what to do with the windows thoguh. The photo on the right is that of the living room. I have a new coffee table on it's way and hope to paint the house a warm white sooner than later.

The painting from The Wheatfield came in and I could not be any more in love with it. I love the way it looks on the piano so I think I will just plate it in glass so it will still fit. I am adoring the way our home is coming along and as I mentioned in Monday's post I am hoping this will be my final changes for YEARS to come. This also means I am investing in pieces that will stand the test of time instead of just using fillers. This Monday I am also having many of lights changed out. I will be sure to share more from this continual process of making my home reflect us and hopefully stand the test of time. Well, if you want it, that is.