Defining our Home {inspiration board}

This is the board that has been inspiring our home redesign. It's slightly industrial, rustic, and simple. Combine the latter with my antique furniture + rugs, neutral palette, art and more minimal style and I feel like it will age well with us. The sofa is to go in our TV room, the black two light pendent is to go over the dining table and the single pendants are to replace our current ones. The numbers are going on the bedroom doors to add a touch of whimsy. Black linen shades are being added to a few of my lamps and the wood box will done our dining table and have some sort of lush plant. The table on the left will go in our entry and the one on the right is the new living room coffee table. I bought two 6x9 rugs and weaved them together to make one big enough for our space. The logs are going to fill the space above the fireplace that is suppose to house a tv. The paint was used on an old desk that now is part of the master. I would love change all our knobs out to this, but they are out of my price range. Any ideas where to find something similar on the cheap, the dirt cheap?