Dreaming Big

Now that we are staying in our home for the long haul it has me dreaming of ways to make it more dream home like. High on the wish list is to have a screened in porch. I would have it function as an additional room and furnish it like wise. These have me dreaming big...

I love the style of the one below although I would like is a bit larger.

Of course once I start pricing things out I may realize it may not be realistic. It seems my ideas may be grander than our wallets at times. If that is the case then a pergola would be quite nice too.

Either way we decide to go it must be able to support a porch swing like the one designed by the most talented Rachel of the Nest Egg. Is it not AMAZING? The pup is quite cute too.

{image 1,2 & 4 found on My Home Ideas via Cottage Living | image 3 via here | image 5 Nest Egg}