Our New Play Space

Before Ellie got out of school her and KJ began sleeping in her full size bed together. I figured after a couple of weeks the excitement would wear off and they would want to be in their own rooms again, but I was wrong. They adore sleeping in the same room together. I knew sharing a bed wasn't helping towards a good night sleep for either of them so we ended up combining their rooms. One for sleep and the other for play. This is KJ's room which is now a space for letting their imaginations go wild. I took so many tips from the online course Playful Learning Spaces and incorporated them into both rooms.

Keep in mind I did not clean up this space for the shots. They had been playing in here all morning. The kiddos have been easily keeping it clean since we narrowed down their toys to only the basics and being sure to have a spot for everything.

For example Ellie has her dress up clothes, dollhouses, and kitchen. Granted each of the categories have a plethora of items, but since they are all basically the same she is able to keep it organized. The best part is that everything actually gets played with. They also are great for her imagination.

The kiddos share the art table with supplies, books, and stuffed animals. I believe these items keep their creative juices flowing although when people see the SMALL basket of stuffed animals they just laugh.

See the brown bin? That is all the stuffed animals we have. My kiddos love the ones they do have, but never ask to buy one so many are just gifts from others. Legos on the other hand it what we have a TON of. We adore them, maybe a little too much even. Ha.

When I asked Ellie and KJ how they felt about the room change this is what I got. Pure excitement! The room change is just for the summer for now. It may have to go back when Ellie starts school again. That girl needs her sleep.Time will tell I suppose.

I have a couple of more things to do in the bedroom, but I hope to have it done this week and will share the sleeping space next week. Oh, also the changes were done on the cheap since it may not be a permanent switch. I think the only thing I bought for the play space was the pegs to hang the dress up clothes on. I used mostly what we had on hand.