A Gift Guide {the kiddos}

I thought it would be fun to share little gift guides over the course of this week. Today I am sharing one for the kiddos. ALL of these items have made it onto our list either this or last Christmas. Thought it might be nice to keep it personal. We don't go overboard on buying. We like to buy things that keep their imaginations going and to buy things that they will enjoy for some time, not just space fillers. I personally think there is more value in less. I also tend to buy more online or in locally run shops. Big box stores stress me out this time of year. ha.

This is basically Ellie's wish list. She has been enamored with the fact that I can knit and always wants me to teach her. This one is  from Land of Nod and was just too cute. I also thought about this one from seedling and is more for just crafting. I was beyond excited when I scored two dresses from Chakra on Gilt. You can still get this one from their shop and it's on sale although mine was still cheaper. A sweet coloring book and little people for her dollhouse seem to make the list every year. Ellie's number one request was a ring with a jewel that comes in  pretty box. So far this one is my favorite, but I am not sure if I want to spend so much on something she very well could loose. Any ideas?

Ellie and KJ are close in age, 6 & almost 5, so I tend to keep gifts somewhat similar. This year I decided to make explorer kits. I will personalize these little totes and add binoculars, headlamps, a personalized notebook that will read their names, and fun pencils to jot down all their adventures. I will be sure to share the project when it's all done. Seedling also has a great kit already done for you. I just like to have a few gifts that I created for them. We also made little books from Blurb that tell of little adventures for each of them. I also got a ship and castle for each. These are similar to what I purchased, but I got mine from Zulily and the Daily Swirl. The plasmacars we got last year and we let them ride them in the house. I don't think there has been a day gone by that they haven't been ridden.

KJ is all boy. His list was kept simple: new legos and new cars. He rather loves pirates as of now, but only the good ones, ha. I would love to get him this pirate ship lego set, but the price has me still looking around. The other ones seem so menacing. I will probably end up with the space ship in the end, but I have time to decide. I am hoping he will get a kick out of the tool set and sister informed that he has been wanting this little sandbox. The tee's from Honey Bee's could not be any more perfect. This is just a sample of the car I want to get him. I am planning on doing a stocking full. I did get a catalog that he carried around everywhere that had a rather large set of these cars for a GREAT price. I can't find it!!!! Anyone know what I am talking about?

I will add a few goodies to their stockings like gum and fun straws, but as you can see we keep it rather simple. I think it keeps my mind in check on what Christmas is all about without going into some sort of debt and frenzy.

The Minisocial and Rue La La also have cute holiday shops going on if you are interested. KJ got the cutest watch from Rue La La too. I figure it will compliment Ellie's ring. As I said I like to keep the gifts somewhat equal. I had no idea so many of my gifts would come from the online insider access sites. Have you used them yet?

*Last but not least I am a member of amazon associates so I do get a small kickback if you happen to purchase the items from amazon through Two Ellie. To be fair though I ONLY post things that we have or I did actually buy. I just thought you all should know!