An Organized Life: The Office

I thought I would share the office space/keeping room first since it was the hardest to clean out. In the beginning I had this space, plus a cabinet in the kitchen and the bottom of the pantry which adjoin this room. My goal was to whittle it all down to this small area and I did it! Oh, and did I mention it was hard?

This space is what keeps Kellen Jacob Photography, our home, and everything else going. It HAS to be organized. Each ikea magazine file holds paper, office supplies, mini albums, etc. I am hoping to buy a label maker to take this all to a whole new organized level. The drawers house my array of stationary. The binders are from Rusell and Hazel and I adore them. I also managed to move the printer off the shelves into a spot where it is less obvious. Did you notice the jar full of ribbon? I so adopted this idea from Emerson Made. Makes the ordinary so much more special and if I can see it then I am more likely to use it.

This is my new/old filing system. Old as in I have had it for awhile and new as in it is now working for me. I have a file for everything. Things to file, KJP, taxes, school, ideas, and even a file for things I have no idea what to do with. This new system will hopefully keep things from piling up on my desk when I am being too lazy to file it in the pretty little binders. We are also planning on getting a fire safe box to keep important documents and things of sentimental value.

I didn't show a full room view just because I am awaiting our new sofa and that will still be a few more weeks. The fabrics on top of the bench are one's that I plan to incorporate into the room. I am going to try to do a bit of color this year. Hope it works out.

You know how I am trying to not shop for too many new clothes this year? Well, a purse isn't technically considered clothing. I am still trying to decide whether to keep it or not. It's Cynthia Rowley and I bought it at TJ Maxx. I think she is really pretty and I did use my own spending money so it didn't come out of our main account which is the whole goal anyway. Do I NEED a new purse, no, but it has been well over year since I got my last one.  SIMPLICITY.

*Scratch the last part. I pre-post. I kept the purse. I LOVE it.