What I Wore

Ellie picked the shoes and I matched the outfit. Ellie is just having a blast doing it and it makes me not wear the same outfit everyday. Definitely a plus for the husband. I am also thinking having a tripod would make this all a bit easier. Balancing the camera different places does not always make for a straight picture. Neither does having Ellie take the pictures, which she loved, but I am not quite sure the Mr. loved me having our 4 year old hold our pro cameras, ha! We are quite proud of her work though...

Ellie said I didn't have to wear shoes since we weren't leaving the house, but she did pick the top. Both top and bottom from J. Crew.

Ellie picked the fancy shoes as she likes to call them. These were my mother's when she was pregnant with me, I know I know. They are unbelievably comfortable for such a high wedge. Ugh, once again all J.Crew.

Went on a date with one of my best girl friends. We went to go watch/listen to Act of Congress which her husband also happens to be in. They rock. Anyway, shoes bought at Ross about 2 years ago. Dress J.Crew. I love it mainly for the pockets. This dress also happens to be the dress I mainly shoot weddings in. So comfortable yet chic. At least that's what I like to tell myself. Oh, and don't you love the bandage on the toe. Sliced it right before I left. It hurt.