My Garden

I thought since I shared my garden inspiration yesterday then I would share my back garden today. Please excuse my weeds I plan to conquer them today. Oh, and yes I am well aware that the huge hydrangea bush needs to be moved. I had no idea it would get so big so fast. Live and learn, right?

Here is a view of my garden. I would love this look throughout, but wow its a lot of work. Well worth it though I think. What I would love is to disguise the fence all the way around. I love having a fence, but would love to mask it more. Oh, and that's the hydrangea that needs to be moved. I also plan to plant climbing fig to cover the vinyl back of our house. The other three sides are brick. I think this is my cheapest, I mean best option, right?

We have a swing set, not quite inspiration garden material, but it is fabulous for the kiddos. The swings and hand rings are from Ikea.

I am planning on getting new dining chairs this year. I am thinking these for the side and two big wicker ones for the ends.

Now for my garden to bloom so I can have cut flowers for free!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mama! Can you guess what your present is?