J. Crack

Okay, lately I have been noticing that I wear a whole lot of J. Crew. It fits me well and I love the classic style so I won't feel guilty about it. We all know I love a good uniform so why shouldn't my whole uniform come from the same spot, right? So needless to say I have this top and the shorts. They make me feel all spring like. I wouldn't mind having these cute sandals to stroll around in, but then again I need another pair of sandals like I need a hole in my head. Of course a pedicure is in order while my tootsies are on display. The sunglasses bring a bit of edge to the look but the price may very well send me over the edge when I see one of the kiddos grab them. The purse would be easy to wear crossed over my shoulder while the kiddos and I get entangled in a game of tag. Oh, and when I become much too wore out to take another step then I would take a seat on a bench and start reading a good book.

Do you have a shop you can't get enough of?