The Illusion

The other night hubby and I had a date. We decided to head to the mall and just walk on the drizzly night. We ended up popping into Banana Republic and hubby found a few things to try one. Since I was sans kiddos I decided it would be fun to try on a few dresses. Well, I tried on this dress and fell head over heels. It is such an illusion. The banding around the waist makes mine appear smaller. The darts going down hides my "mama" bump. The darts going up gives me the illusion of having somewhat of a chest. Oh, and don't even get me started on the derriere. I am not one to spend a lot on a dress especially one that could not be used as an everyday dress, but I am wondering if adding a cardigan, belt, and tights could make it pass for a more casual look. As for now I am going to admire from a far, but if I am still drooling over the thought of this baby in a couple of weeks I just may need to go take the plunge, just maybe.