Shopping Hiatus {2}

{Nothing to do with today's post just thought I would share the flowers from my garden}

On Labor Day my dear husband surprised me with a family day trip to Atlanta. We walked around Atlantic Station, shopped at Ikea, ate, and rode the mini train. A trip to Ikea may have thrown off my shopping hiatus technically, but I paid all in cash and it was all for the house and kiddos. I even stuck to my needs list and if it weren't for my husband I would have spent even less, ha. Needless to say I am thrilled with my finds and can't wait to share. We then hit the Peachtree Mall and I did not want to shop at all. So weird I know. We then drove around and looked at all all the great architecture. Next time we go sans kiddos I definitely want to hit this shop and Pieces.

{again nothing to do with this post, but this is what I almost ran into while weeding my garden, yikes!}