Mini Blind Love

Jenny from Little Green Notebook is one of my favorite daily reads. Her creativity and design style always has me swooning. Well, yesterday she posted a pic that got my wheels turning...

The grosgrain slatted blinds would be perfect for our home. We currently have white blinds on all the large window across the back of our house. I think adding this touch would make them extra special. Curtains are always an option, but with little hands that happen to also eat in the same areas it's just not practical. We never raise the blinds so I am thinking this would make a great DIY project.

I am thinking a greek key trim would add a nice touch. Anybody ever do anything like this? I would love to know how it worked out.

Oh, and yes this is the day I am suppose to update you all on my spending hiatus, well I am thinking I will take this month off. I will share later, I am sure.