Lovely Gifts

The amazingly talented Miss Aimee from Mostly Mod was so very kind to send me a photo from her etsy shop for Mother's Day. This meant the world to me. First off it is of a bike no less and, as I have posted before, I have a little dream to live somewhere a bike could be my first mode of transportation. Second my dear and incredibly sweet husband is not the very best at celebrating holidays such as this and my kiddos are much too young to know the difference so this definitely helped me feel quite special. This lovely photo now has found a home in my favorite room, the sunroom, where I do all my reading.

This beautiful gift came a from a friend who I helped with her blog header. I was doing it for free, but since she did get me something I am so happy it was this bag. It is by Lacefield Designs and a portion goes to Ithemba Orphanage in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa through the LUO organization. Their mission is to set children free from poverty. Please read more about it here. Seems like a cause to stand behind. It makes this gift even extra special.

Well, not sure if I would call this a gift, but my daughter does keep on walking around calling it "my dog". We are somewhat foster parents to this sweet little thing. Our goal was to find it a good home, but it seems my children have become smitten with it. I am still trying to figure out if we are dog owner people and the dog is trying to figure out if he wants to be owned by someone with small children. It's really just the shedding (which so far seems like none) and the dog smell I am worried about. Any thoughts lovely readers?