a practical christmas list

Miss Aimee, from a new and stylish blog, Mostly Mod, asked what my practical wish list would be. I thought I would join in the fun. Be sure to check out her lovely list, here. As for me, the hubby and I decided to be really practical and only do stocking stuffers for each other. Here is my little list...

I think this little day planner would be so nice to have. I live by one every year.

These gloves are quite nice. I believe they would be long enough for my 3/4 length coat.

I normally do not shop here, but they do carry the best socks. They would be so warm and comfy on a cold winter's day.

I love stationary, especially letterpress one's done by Suann from simplesong. My favorite card was the one with the little camera, but they seemed to have sold out. I believe Mrs. French won some personalized one's awhile back, so lucky she is.

As for the kiddos we do three gifts: a want, a need, and a surprise. We decided on three to represent how Jesus received a gift from each of the three wise men on His day of birth. Oh yeah, and they too get stocking stuffers, no need to worry. Also the hubby and I were able to pay off all credit cards and it looks like our car too. Yeah, for no debt, except for our mortgage of course. This is the best gift of all, so thank you hubby and your brilliant use of a camera.