project: bath

My friend wants to get rid of all the blue fixtures in the bath. Including and not limiting it to the tub, sink, and toilet. The friend and I also discussed how she loves the idea of a full tile bath room. I love the idea and love the idea of using all white subway tile, but I am also realistic and know that for it to look good it needs to always be clean. This may not be my friends strongest attribute, so I propose a colored tile. The first is a clear glass tile that is just stunning. The second is a ceramic tile that is also stunning. Both would make the bathroom extra special. As for expense this may get high and in order to cut costs I would go with the following idea...

get rid of the tub all together. Yes, I said it and what would take it's place would be a full luxury standing room only shower. Okay, maybe you could add a seat if you would like. The cheapest route would be to add one of those pre-made ones, but my favorite idea would be to add a clear, frameless, glass door and tile the whole tub with the above tiles and paint the rest of the room white in satin so it would be easy to keep clean.

Yes, those are jets!

I am loving this sink and stand combo. The dimensions are small, but still with storage which makes it great for your bath.

Isn't this faucet so pretty?

This light hanging over a simple mirror would bring the look together nicely.

Oh, I would be sure to add a white toilet, but I believe that needs to be a personal choice. As for the flooring I would go with a lighter tile, whether gray or beige.