my new finds

This lovely chair I found at Home Goods. I have been searching for a new desk chair considering how uncomfortable the first chair was and how long my hubby sits and edits all the photo shoots. I love her lines, the linen fabric, and the comfort factor. The best part of it all is that after I made my grand purchase, I went home and goggled her and found she is only suppose to be to the trade. Yeah for me!

I then ventured off and went to my local flea mall. I found a booth that had reduced all there prices drastically and came across this end table. I have been on the search for a new one in the sunroom which I have rearranged to match the room I found earlier. I love the new layout and it also provided me a new place to sew without having to remove everything after I am done. This soon to be beauty only cost me $8. With a little gray/ beige paint she will be perfect.

This dresser was also found at that same flea mall. Right now I do not love her, my husband especially does not love her, but with a creamy almond paint I think she will become stunning. This will be used a night table in our bedroom that I am slowly trying to redo.