Oh, how I love to be on vacation! We normally try to have two a year, but with my husbands busy schedule I was afraid we would not get the second. This year we were blessed enough to have both at Rosemary Beach. One day this week I hope to post pics of the amazing home we get to stay in. We arrived really late Sunday night, so we could start fresh the next day. I love the beach in the fall and early spring. I love the feeling of having the neighborhood to ourselves.

This photo was taken this spring on our last vacation by my husband. It then made it on the cover of 'The Rosemary Tymes'. The local newspaper for Rosemary. I wish we had the newspaper already scanned, but atleast you can get the idea.

This summer I had my husband enter into Coastal Living's amateur photography contest a few months back. We entered this photo of KJ's feet from that same spring vacation. We never thought it would actually make it anywhere, not that I don't think my husband's amazing, but we knew thousands would enter. Low and behold, he got 2nd runner up! The photo ran in the September issue so you may have actually seen my boys feet already.