My little man turns 3 today. It is a very bitter sweet moment for me. He is our last child and 3 no longer feels "baby". That's a hard concept for me to swallow. Anyway, we had a surprise birthday party for him on Sunday and yes that means I did not watch the Oscars. We kept it small, just family. He was so excited and couldn't believe all the presents were for him. Here is my sweet boy...

His favorite movie is Cars, but I couldn't bring myself to go to Party City and load up on the typical so instead I did a movie theme and used all his Car car's as extra decor. Popcorn bags ready to be filled...

We had Car's playing and what's a movie without candy?

The centerpiece was a cake idea, well in this case, cupcake idea I found in this book. The confetti was made using tin foil and an extra large hole punch.

I had a cake plate full of mini cupcakes topped with a single marshmallow. He was so excited he blew out the candles before we finished singing Happy Birthday, ha!

Me and my little man...

I guess he will be my baby forever though... Did I mention how hard this is for me?


over sized balloon- I Luv Sugar {Jennifer was wonderful to work with. The balloons were a last minute addition and she got them to me fast- Thank You!}

popcorn boxes- Hobby Lobby

movie theater candy- World Market {on sale $6 for 6}

popcorn canisters- Target $1 aisle.

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