Leaf & Petal

It's that time of year again when my garden begins to fade and only the evergreens remain, so this past week my kiddos and I headed out to Leaf & Petal here in Birmingham to pick up a few things for some fall color. Leaf & Petal always display the most gorgeous assortments for pots. Our normal drill is to pull in, find our favorite pot, and simply say I want to recreate that. Then they bring us around and tell us about our selections and load it all up. Really it is the perfect way for us to spend the morning and even more lovely when they begin to remember your face.

This is the assortment we picked for the main pot as you walk up to our porch. The main beauty is flowering kale, I love everything about her. Her color and shape have me swooning. A petite evergreen tree was added for year round color. The orange mums and purple snapdragons are short lived and will be changed out to pansy's in a couple of months, but for now they make me happy. Finally we added parsley, because every pot needs something good to eat according to my Ellie.

This is our front porch. We spend hours here in the fall as the weather begins to cool. Normally I do not put a pumpkin out till October, but Ellie made a good point on how beautiful this one was and we should keep it, so we did. The stump is a recent addition and I could not be more pleased. We have some friends who had a some trees cut down in thier yard and I asked for a stump and they so delivered. I love the rustic element it adds.

These are a few pots I bought on my recent trip to Ikea. I finally added a few ferns and am quite happy on the way it further divides the kitchen from the living room. Although the bar is meant to be used for eating it is at a ridiculous height so even the tallest stools we could find are still not tall enough, oh well. Also the backsplash still needs to be tiled. Such a big decision and a pricey one especially when we need about 30 sq ft. One day I suppose.

{Thank you to Gracie Belle Butterfly for my blog award. You made my day.}