Feeling Ill + A Pretty Picture

I have been going back and forth whether to share this tidbit of information or not, but here it goes... the kiddos and I have had the swine flu since Wednesday. There I said it and no don't worry we have not left the house. It's a funny story really...

Ellie woke up Wednesday morning a bit warm and out of sorts. I thought she may be getting the cold we all have been fighting the previous week so I kept her home. KJ cried a lot throughout the day, but again it must be that dreaded cold. Thursday I have to wake up the kiddos and Ellie feels about a million degrees and doesn't want to walk, eat, etc. KJ is warm, but still acting normalish. At two is there ever really a normal? We had well check ups that day so I called and made them sick ones. We walked in the lovely nurse swabbed for the flu and the next thing I know everyone has masks on. I caught on pretty quickly and I was sent home with prescriptions for all of us and breathing treatments for brother, he has a bit of a wheeze. The whole day I cared for my lifeless children and by the time I put them to bed I felt like I was run over by a bus. The flu is awful, but I will spare you any details and it seems the children and I all had different aspects of it. I miss the days when my mother waited on me hand and foot while I laid in bed. Now I have no time to be sick except at night and during nap time. We are all on the mends and seeing the light of a very long tunnel. My husband found a plus side to it all... since we can't get it again we don't have to worry about germs so much this season, back to licking handrails for us I guess. Oh, and I am sure I am a few pounds lighter, just in time for all that holiday eating.

So if some if my comments did not make much sense or I missed a few emails, please excuse me. It must have been the fever. And to all the locals... I have no idea where we got it. It's anybody's guess I suppose.

{image via here, via Anna Aden}